Metal Ceiling

Metal ceilings provide an alternative to the conventional mineral fiber ceilings for commercial use and provides a high tech modern look to the design of interior spaces in commercial and public buildings.


With a wide variety of different designs, patterns and colours to choose from, our range of metal ceilings will be able to satisfy your metal ceiling needs.



DRAGON® Metal Ceiling

Aluminum Alloy/Steel Ceiling Products by one of the premier specialist metal ceiling manufacturers in Hong Kong.


The range of products include:

  • Lay In Ceilings
  • Clip In Ceilings
  • Cell Ceilings
  • Linear Ceilings
  • Baffle Ceilings


Tin Ceilings

by The American Tin Ceiling Co.



Tin Ceilings evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era where the chief mode of transport were horses and saloon bars were the places to hangout.

With these beautifully crafted tin ceiling panels, you will also be able to recreate a piece of this old world charm right in your own space.

  • Easy nail-up or drop in installation
  • Durable and elegant finish



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