Our Services and Products


We provide specialist contracting works and project consultancy services for:

  1. Building Interior fit-out
  2. Acoustical fit-out
  3. Specialist installation of GRG/GFRC products
  4. Special Finishes


Premolded Architectural Products


GRG (Glass-Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) is a composition of high strength gypsum reinforced with glassfibers, it is factory molded into any shape or size. The parts are totally non-combustible and even the largest parts weigh only 10-15 kg/sqm and can be field finished with any interior paint. GRG is suitable for use as columns, moldings, domes and ceiling elements.

All molds are generated by the most advanced C.A.M. equipment available, resulting in parts that are unmatched in quality.



Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is an engineered composite building material made up of Portland cement, aggregate, color pigments, and glass fiber reinforcement. The glass fibers reinforce the concrete and results in a product with a much higher flexural strength than normal concrete. This attribute therefore allows the product to be suitable for use in thin-wall casting applications.

GFRC products are also well suited for outdoor use.


QuarryCast® is a molded stone with a sandstone/limestone look that is available in limitless molded shapes or flat veneer panels in a range of standard earth-tone colours. Made from natural aggregates and minerals which are reinforced with alpha gypsum,  glassfibers, QuarryCast® provides a warm and distinctive appearance similar to that of natural sandstone/limestone with the advantage of being lighter and incurring less installation costs.

QuarryCast® can be molded into any shape and the 5/16” (8mm) thick ‘veneer’ panels can be adhered to drywall or plywood. Most stone/marble colours can be custom matched. Colour, shading and texture variations within and between individual pieces will lend an exciting dimension to any design.


By combining metal powders, minerals and glassfibers, MetalCast® elements equal or surpass the elegant beauty of conventional castings. The 1/4" (6mm) thick copper, brass, bronze and nickel - silver elements are custom manufactured into any intricate shape with precise detail. This product is recommended for interior use only. Typical applications are mouldings, door surrounds, columns and panels.

Major Brands used


Special Finishes

Gold Leaf Gilding

Gilding is the art of fixing gold leaf or similar substitutes to the surface of ornamental items or structures to create a shiny golden look as if it was made of gold.

This requires skilled craftsmen to apply the paper thin gold leaves onto the intended surface.

A well gilded surface or structure together with the correct lighting exudes an air of opulence that instantly transforms the area into a luxurious space.

Some of these gilding works that we have done include the Marina Bay Sands Casino, Function Rooms, Paiza Club and Hotel Suites.