Ceiling Accessories

FrameRod Adjustable Hanger System

  • Hanger rod and clip system is easily adjustable for faster installation and levelling of suspension ceiling grids.
  • The rod length is customizable and it can also be used for other purposes which require hanging.

Small Accessories

  • L Bracket
  • Furring Clip
  • Universal Hold Down Clip
  • J Clip


A unique access panel that provides an elegant finish and easy accessibility to services for concealed flat ceilings. The design of this access panel makes it almost invisible when installed in flat ceilings.

It is especially suitable for use in commercial and residential fit-outs that focus on high quality aesthetics.


Available types of access panels include:

  • Access panels with gypsum board backing
  • Air tight access panels
  • Aluminum access panels with/without locks
  • Customized access panels


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