Gypsum Products

Knauf is one of Europe's leading building materials manufacturers producing high quality building products. Their range of construction products include plasterboards, drywall accessories, and metal sections etc.

Knauf Drywall Systems

Knauf Moistureshield is a high performance plasterboard for use in internal areas of high humidity and temporary external exposure.

Knauf Fireshield offers superior fire protection.

Knauf Fireboard is a glass fibre reinforced gypsum board specially developed for high performance lining and encasement, providing up to two hours of fire protection.

It has a high quality white and smooth surface finish which is ideal for most paint finishes, can be plastered directly, or left undecorated.


Gypsum Standard Board
This standard board is suitable for most applications where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified. Direct decoration or plaster finishing on the board will not be a problem. Gyproc standard board is available in tapered edge design.

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