Green Concept

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The development of environmental technologies is one of the most important objectives for the SHERA team in achieving sustainable environmental management. In order to preserve natural resources, protect the environment and reduce pollutants generated during manufacturing, SHERA utilizes its pioneering fibre composite technology, cement, concrete and other recyclable materials in its production process.

SHERA products created in this way are sustainable and help to ensure that our customers contribute to environmental conservation when choosing from the wide range of building components that complement every architectural design and structure. Every little effort helps in reducing deforestation and SHERA will continue to contribute in future by developing unique "Green products" from "Green technology" for "Green Living".


There are many wood substitute products in the market, but these are just some of the reasons to make SHERA your product of choice:

  1. Enjoy the beautiful look of natural wood without the hassles.
  2. Environmental-friendly Green Label Product
  3. High durability with a 50 year manufacturer warranty
  4. Superior physical performance to natural wood
  5. Non-Asbestos
  6. Provides sound insulation
  7. Fire resistant
  8. Warp resistant
  9. Weather resistant
  10. Termite resistant
  11. Rot resistant
  12. Low shrinkage
  13. Immune to water damage
  14. High workability
  15. Easy installation
  16. Low maintenance